Z is for ZENITH

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This word fascinates me!

Definition                                                                                                               midnight moon

Noun  The highest point, peak; acme = the zenith of someone’s achievements


Height, summit, peak, top, climax, crest, high point, pinnacle, meridian, apex, high noon, apogee, acme, vertex.

The word Zenith reminds me of waves that slowly build up to their crest only to fall and rise again. That in turns reminds me of life. We all have peaks and valleys along the way. I have experienced tremendous heights and deep lows. My experiences have shaped me and make me who I am.

Sometimes I wonder if I would change things. Even with all the mistakes and detours and disasters and pain I don’t think I would trade it for anything else. I would be someone else if I did. I’ve learned to take the good with the bad, the happy with the sad and everything in between. Some of those experiences albeit horrible and traumatic are what has turned this lump of coal (me) into a diamond! In my eyes they (diamonds) share their sparkle and shine and brilliance with everyone around them, helping others shine

summit2Yes, I’ve reached my vertex in my career and have enjoyed many wonderful lessons along the way. It has been great to look back at all the achievements and see how I have survived them.

But it’s not over…..not by a long shot.

It’s time to climb another mountain! Are you with me?

What zeniths have you reached? Which ones are you still aiming for? Which are the ones you thought you’d never get to? Have you ever helped someone else reach theirs?

Y is for YES!

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How often do you say yes? Are the ‘yesses’ more for others than for yourself? When was the last time you said yes to something that you wanted to do? Wanted to eat? Wanted to go visit? Is there a dream or a project waiting for your YES?

Are you stuck in “NO!?” Are you tired of those limits? Ready to change your mindset? yes6

Willing to take a good look at your needs? Able to try and shift the energy?

Yes is very freeing and positive, granted that it is appropriate and possible.

Yes is encouraging, affirming, expressive responsive, and attractive.

Some other ways to say YES:

yes5 - Copy   All right, very well, of course, by all means, sure, certainly, absolutely, indeed, right, affirmative, agreed, roger, yeah, yep, yup, ya, uh-huh, okay, OK, okey-dokey, yea and aye.

Try it! I bet saying it a few times will bring a smile to your face 😉

X is for XEROX

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Many people, including myself, are fascinated by the copy machine. It holds such power and precision, and there seems to be no limit as to its capabilities (provided there is sufficient ink, functioning parts and competent operators).

Can you remember as a kid you would be a “copy cat” and annoy friends, parents and teachers? I wonder if we ever really stopped. We take advice and fashion sense and a multitude of other things on surface value and copy/imitate others almost subconsciously at times.

We have influence over others and they over us. How far does it go?

once in a lifetime woman

Has it passed on to our children? Was it passed down from our parents?

Is it realistic? Although some things are good to copy or imitate, not everything is meant to be duplicated.

I have a very important question for you.

Are you a carbon copy or an original?

Can you think of things that make you unique or are you going with the flow and being a duplicate?

Hmmmmm…..I wonder…


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Being wild and wacky is not strange to me. I actually enjoy it.  All the knowledge and experiences that we, as women, have gathered over the years has shaped us and guided us. We have all seen, heard and felt so many things. Some wonderful, some not.

We share laughter and heartache, secrets and schemes, surprises and celebrations, losses and disappointments……just to name a few. Yes, as women, our world is wacky and wild and can be wonderful.

women having dinner

Our connections and community, family and friends can truly be amazing and have taught us so much. Resiliency, fairness, compassion, leadership. We nurture our bonds and help lift others up along the way and sometimes others do that for us as well.

This wisdom did not come easily yet is priceless. We have earned it with blood sweat and tears through both triumphs and tragedies. We love and care very deeply. The highs are very high and the depths of the lows seem to know no bounds, yet we press on. We are strong even though we need to lean on others from time to time. Many times we have lent a shoulder to lean on or cry on and we sometimes need one for ourselves.

wwI salute YOU wild, wacky and wonderful woman!

Is there a woman who can smile just because you called her today?

Can you have lunch or dinner with a girlfriend and share a few laughs and a hug?

Are you able to send an email or mail a card or letter to someone who holds you dear in their heart?

Today is the day……..can’t you just see them smiling?

V is for VITAL

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How vital are you?

How do you describe your vitality? How can you restore it?

moon with ladder

What vital information do you need to seek? Need to share?

Here are some definitions of the word:



  1. of, concerned with, or manifesting life: vital energy
  2. necessary or essential to life, being a source or support of life: vital organs
  3. essential to the existence or continuance of something; indispensable: a vital function
  4. full of life and vigor; energetic: a vital personality

liveWhat vital piece of you needs some attention?

What is vital for your growth?

What is vital for your very survival?

What vital roles do you play? In your life and in the lives of others?

Can you take a good look at these 10 questions and be able to answer them honestly? You are sooooo worth it!