A is for ANGER

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Did you notice that there can be a lot of irritation and ANGER that comes on during Menopause?

Seemingly innocent people become victims of our skewed points of view.

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Everyone seems to have turned into incompetent fools, almost overnight! No matter which way you turn people are in your way, don’t know how to drive to save their lives, or just say the stupidest things! Did someone come by with a crop duster during the night and anonymously spray the world with stupid dust? What kind of sick joke is this anyway? Does anyone have or use common sense anymore?

My experience with anger has been a scary one! I could be calm and relaxed one minute and the next thing you know I would be off on some tirade of comments, judgments and expletives (mostly said out loud but often times thought of in my head) that sent people fleeing for their safety, or seriously questioning my sanity. My anger could quickly escalate into rage and even fury. I would sort of witness myself becoming some sort of savage out of control beast with no “off” button. And if that wasn’t bad enough, when I would finally come down off my high horse and back to my senses I would crash into a sea of emotions and remorse. It’s as if there are raging hormone changes on the inside as well as rage “at” people on the outside. Not a good combo.


volcano - CopyWhat has your experience been? Does this sound familiar? Have you found any effective solutions? Do help a girl out will ya?!

Are there any other words starting with the letter “A” that YOU associate with in regards to Menopause? Do tell!!!

Some suggestions given are: anxiety, annoying, anticipation, appreciation and aging. Do any of these resonate with YOU?


    • w0rdpressdonna says

      I know Lee! They all seem to resonate with me as well…some days all at the same time!!! lol I am so excited to be posting in this forum…you have no idea! What a wonderful opportunity! Thanks for sharing it with me! 🙂

  1. says

    Oh my, this sounds like me already and I haven’t even started menopause yet! If this is a sign of the things to come, then I think I may have to go and live in a cave in order to protect the rest of humanity.
    Great subject matter for the A-Z challenge. 🙂

    • w0rdpressdonna says

      LOL Lily! I have stayed in my apartment and have not gone out on a few occasions for that very same reason! I was afraid for OTHERS – for THEIR safety lol. No worries. There are many ‘gifts’ that menopause brings 🙂 Its not all bad. There is lots to celebrate! 🙂

  2. says

    Appreciation!!! Since menopause I have no more migraines, mood swings, digestive ups and downs. I feel great! Except for my dry eyes. I can hear them squeaking in their sockets.

    • w0rdpressdonna says

      Yes Susan Appreciation is a great word! There are so many positive things about menopause. Anger seems to stand out for me because it took me by such surprise! All the other events/emotions seem so small compared to that. Thank you so much for posting! You are the FIRST person to reply to my FIRST post! I will remember you forever!!!!!!! 🙂

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