U is for UNDER…..

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Under paid: Yes, as a woman you are probably under paid. It’s no surprise, yet very frustrating. Trying to make ends meet day after day and having to work longer and harder to accomplish the tasks at hand are simply unfair. It’s not because you aren’t smart or are lazy, quite the contrary. And very sad. Even so, I hope you can treat yourself to something special that will make your day. (In the meantime I send you a virtual smile and thumbs up in the hope that it will make YOU smile).

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Under appreciated: Does anyone REALLY appreciate and value you as much as you deserve? I doubt it. Do people say ‘Thank You” enough? Or even share a hello? We get so caught up in expectations and everyday monotony that we may not even appreciate ourselves enough. Again, sad. What way can you show appreciation for yourself today? Right now?

Under achiever: Are you so focused on everyone else that you don’t get to achieve all of YOUR dreams and goals? Do you always put others first? What can you reconnect with that would make you smile?

Under the weather: Are you exhausted from all the long hours you put in? Is menopause wearing you out?! Do you need a pajama day? MMMMM sounds good. Could you schedule one for yourself? Even if it’s just a half day? I can feel one calling me……I’m overdue! How can you rejuvenate?

sword goddess Under the radar: Are you avoiding some down time or fun time with friends because you just don’t feel up to it? Have you become so complacent or even depressed that you wish you could just hide out and hope no one will notice or need you? Time to dust yourself off and get out there. Even for a short walk. It will help you hit your reset button. You can even do it alone until you feel up for company. Let it revive you!

I don’t know about you but I am so over being under! Time to be on top! 😉


T is for TIARA

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Every woman needs her tiara!

I watched a video created by Dr. Sara Gottfried (author of THE HORMONE CURE) that talked about “TIARA TIME”

tiara with gloves - CopyIt suggested that when we need a ‘time out’ (not for bad behavior…more like to hit our reset buttons) we put our tiara on and chill out for a while, making time to relax and unwind. It’s a little bit of time that we take for ourselves and do something that WE can enjoy – or simply do nothing at all. What a great concept!

I have tried it and I can honestly say that it works wonders! I put on my tiara and read a book or enjoy a bath or just relax and write a chapter for my own book.

Taking time for ourselves is very important. “All work and no play makes Jane a dull girl!” Indeed!

purple tiaraDo you have a tiara? Could you make one or buy one? What are some of the things that you do that make you feel like a queen? What kind of ‘time out’ could you/would you take while wearing it? Do tell I would love to know. You may inspire me to add to my list.


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Chances are that by the time you are in or near your fourth decade of life as a woman you

womens bodies

have come to realize that you have super powers. You have spent many years becoming who you are.

Changing, shifting, growing, learning, and loving. You are a work of art! You shine brightly in the lives of others. Partners, friends, family, children (yours and/or others), neighbors, co-workers and/or employees, sometimes even with complete strangers.

The breadth of your multitasking superpowers are truly amazing! You can reach insane deadlines, kiss endless boo-boos and make them better, encourage people to new heights, plan, manage and execute tasks and much more……..even without a superhero cape! (It must have gotten lost in the mail somewhere).

lady in capeYou can put makeup on in record time! Sometimes even in a moving vehicle……..and you’re the one driving! You can even go from drab to fab in record time (that is if you have perfected it by now, some of us seem to take hours) changing your wardrobe in a heartbeat! You don’t need a phone booth – your closet will do just fine (or a rest stop bathroom…..or the back seat of the car…..sometimes the front seat) Presto Change-o….you’re done!

If you blink you might miss it.

You help countless people with countless things. There are so many things on your list that you may not be acknowledged for or even noticed. People may take you and what you do for granted…intentionally or not.

queen i am

I just wanted to let you know  -that I know – that you’re out there shining your light out into the world. Just a friendly reminder to shine some of it in your own life for yourself.


R is for RE……

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There are SO many ‘RE’ words to post and I simply couldn’t decide which to choose…..so I’ll post all 10 of them and let you decide for yourself which suites you best.

At this stage of the game it’s time to REEXAMINE your priorities and responsibilities.


Do they need some purging, some REARRANGING? Does everything need to be done by you and only you?

 Some of your time and attention may need to be REDIRECTED. Are you making the most of your time? Can you honestly say that you are thinking positive beneficial thoughts? Do you get distracted by the needs of others?

power allalongDo you need to REPOSITION yourself? At home? Taking care of yourself and making her a priority? At work? Are you weighed down with tons of work that may be shared or delegated elsewhere to get the tasks completed? Is your home environment in need of some attention and organizing? Does it need some REJUVINATING? Do you?

Is it time to hit the RESET button? Take a time out? Take a deep breath and hit pause for a moment to collect yourself? Is it time to RENEW your commitment to yourself? For all your dreams and plans? Do you need to REALIGN your efforts and energy for optimal benefit? 

Is it time to simply RELAX? Do you even remember what that feels like?

You and only you can answer these questions for yourself. If you take a few moments and answer these questions you may find that it’s time for a REBIRTH.yelloe leaves - Copy


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Do you ever stop and question why you do what you do? Why you say what you say? Why you go where you go?

Are you living a life of old habits? Perpetually on ‘automatic,’ repeatedly experiencing the same old routine?

rainbow question mark

Day in and day out there is the same monotonous routine and/or chaos that you get caught up in.

How did I get here? This isn’t what I had planned for myself, what happened? I don’t remember seeing the detour sign. Where did the time go? I seemed to have gotten distracted with other things, other people, how have all the years passed by so quickly? Who am I? I don’t even recognize myself anymore.

Do you stop and question how you could help yourself? How can you reconnect to that dream or purpose? What steps can you take to get closer to them? To revive them? To dust them off and believe in them again?

If you take a good look you might find that life and your environment aren’t what you want them to be, what you need them to be. You might not like what you find, but the good news is that you can change it. The choice is yours. What will YOU decide?

mystery box 1Are you fulfilling all of your dreams? By now you probably figured out that no one else is going to hand them to you. Most people won’t even support you in your quest and may actually think you’re a bit touched in the head for having such foolish notions. Why rock the boat? Isn’t the status quo good enough for you?

Your life and purpose are waiting on you. Do you feel them sitting silently waiting for you to notice them? They never gave up on you. Did you give up on them?

Can you find your courage and take a few steps towards your goals? Can you do just one thing a week to feel more fulfilled? Get something done that would put a smile on your face, or maybe even a few dollars in your wallet? Can you? Will you? Will you accept being the Queen that you are? ? ?mystery chest

Wishing you all the joy and laughter and happiness that you could possibly handle!!!!!