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Being wild and wacky is not strange to me. I actually enjoy it.  All the knowledge and experiences that we, as women, have gathered over the years has shaped us and guided us. We have all seen, heard and felt so many things. Some wonderful, some not.

We share laughter and heartache, secrets and schemes, surprises and celebrations, losses and disappointments……just to name a few. Yes, as women, our world is wacky and wild and can be wonderful.

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Our connections and community, family and friends can truly be amazing and have taught us so much. Resiliency, fairness, compassion, leadership. We nurture our bonds and help lift others up along the way and sometimes others do that for us as well.

This wisdom did not come easily yet is priceless. We have earned it with blood sweat and tears through both triumphs and tragedies. We love and care very deeply. The highs are very high and the depths of the lows seem to know no bounds, yet we press on. We are strong even though we need to lean on others from time to time. Many times we have lent a shoulder to lean on or cry on and we sometimes need one for ourselves.

wwI salute YOU wild, wacky and wonderful woman!

Is there a woman who can smile just because you called her today?

Can you have lunch or dinner with a girlfriend and share a few laughs and a hug?

Are you able to send an email or mail a card or letter to someone who holds you dear in their heart?

Today is the day……..can’t you just see them smiling?


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    For nearly 30 years I have been going to the local WI in our village – all through both my children growing up, to buy fresh veg and fruit, free range eggs, and home baked cakes. And to have coffee with my friends, all of whom had children the same age. A couple have left for other climes, but the core people still meet every Friday – most keep Friday off even if they work, if possible. We meet, sit, drink – and laugh mainly! Our children are now mostly grown, my daughter is 27 and my son 22, we share news and as well as the joys and laughter we share all our losses, too. There is nothing like having a close group of friends. I love them all.

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