It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. A soul that sees and experiences so much each and every day.

It is a way of communication, of receiving, of giving, of sharing, of connecting, of bonding.

Many a song has been written about eyes; “Sad Eyes,” “Eye of The Tiger,” “These Eyes” for example. My personal favorite is “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel. That song has always moved me. When I got older I felt the words come alive as I looked into a lovers eyes and finally saw myself, my beauty, my worth, my value, for myself as well as for the other. Truly moving.

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Have you ever stopped and thought about all that you have seen? Witnessed?

My eyes have experienced a lot. They have seen…

The Sadness and Pain… in other peoples’ eyes as they go through life carrying their burdens and perceptions. Of being betrayed, lied to, stolen from, of being taken advantage of. My own pain of seeing the horrific injustices done against others and myself, realizing that humanity seems to be dwindling in compassion and connection at times.

The Joy of …children laughing and playing, of contentment of those who have found peace and stillness, of people gathered together in celebration.

The Happiness of complete strangers exchanging glances with me as we pass each other on the street, never to see each other again yet we will each remember the other because of the smiles in our eyes that we have shared.zz1

The Fear of being seen… for a myriad of reasons, for safety, of prejudice, of lack.

The Surprise of… receiving an unexpected gift, idea, party or news.

The Lust… that blinds others in their quest for connection, power, control, pleasure.

The Anger of… a maniac, a drunk, a bully, of someone so out of control that they got completely absorbed by and lost in their anger. I have seen the Anger of someone who was wronged, hurt, insulted, denied.

The Love of parents, of children, of friends, of lovers, for nature, for pets, for God.

The Shock of… a loss, a gain, unexpected information, denial, death and even life.

There have been many wonderful Happy tears, and countless, seemingly never ending tears of sadness. I have heard of angry tears but have not experienced them myself. Have you?


My eyes are your eyes.

Have you ever “shut” your eyes to not see something? Someone? Because you just couldn’t bear it anymore? Because you didn’t know how to handle something, not know what to say? To do?

What color are your eyes? What colors of makeup do you put on your eyelids? Eyelashes? Does makeup enhance your beauty? Do you use it as a mask to hide, deceive, entice? Do you wear it all the time? Never? Just for special occasions?

Do you wear glasses? How do they make you feel? Do you wear contacts? Are they clear or colored/designed?

Do you take care of your eyes? Get regular checkups? Use wrinkle cream? Day Cream? Night cream?

What do your eyes reflect? Covet? Admire? Despise?zz3

Whose eyes do you avoid? Why? Whose eyed could you gaze into forever?

Have you ever looked into your own eyes in the mirror and said “I love you,” “Great job,” “You rock!”?

If your eyes could speak what can they tell me that they have seen?

This post is a first in a series of “these”. Please come by and visit from time to time and see what’s on the menu. I would love your feedback and participation. Have a wonderful day. Hope to “SEE” you here again.


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    Eyes. I have always been told I have nice eyes. I always look at people’s eyes when I meet them. I feel like you can see into someone’s soul at times right through their eyes. Whenever I am mad at my boyfriend his eyes bring me back to why I fell in love with them in the first place! Really great post 🙂

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    What an interesting perspective! I’ve never really thought about my eyes. Mine have seen their share of happiness and heartache. I think everyone’s have.

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    Bette Davies Eyes was the first song that jumped into my head as I read through your lovely post; very thought-provoking. I’m going to share this post with my followers AND keep it safe, as I’m going to use your questions as personal journalling prompts over the coming weeks – thank you, really inspiring.

    PS I could look into ANY baby’s eyes forever – they truly are the windows to our soul.

    With blessings, Callie – London, UK #blogelina

    PPS Chuckling to myself – love your blog title, The Menopause Fairy xx Delighted to meet you! x

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      Hello Callie! Yes Bette Davis Eyes…I used to sing that all the time! I thank you so much for stopping by AND for sharing. I am so happy to hear that you will be doing some journaling with the questions…what a great idea and lovely way to honor yourself!!! Thanks too for the PPS…..Im having fun with the title/persona 🙂 Have a wonderful day 🙂

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    Everyone comment on our sons eyes. He has the most piercing blue eyes framed by beautiful long, thick, dark lashes. He lives with autism and there is nothing more uplifting than those moments when he can make eye contact – it really does open a window into his beautiful soul. You don’t appreciate the importance of eye contact until you don’t receive it from someone you love. Then every second of it is incredibly precious & meaningful.

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      Hi Pattie. Thank you so much for your post. I have nannied and my greatest treasure was a young boy named David who has autism. When our eyes did share contact (not too often as you know) it was like a little piece of heaven for me. It was so open, so raw, so real. I am tearing up as I write this and miss my little friend. Thanks for the brings a smile to my heart 🙂

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    Gosh, I do not take care of my eyes like I should. Recently I have been staring at a computer screen more and more due to a job change where I am doing more graphic editing. I am due for a checkup, and I am certain that I would qualify for glasses or contacts. I currently wear neither.

    One thing that I have learned to love about my eyes is the fact that my right one is encircled by extra white skin. I have Vitaligo. Being caucasian, it doesn’t show up as much on me, but you can tell that the skin around my right eye is lighter. I used to coat it with a concealer. But now I have decided to embrace it. #Blogelina

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    Eyes have always been the first thing that I looked at. I remember seeing my husband when we first met and only seeing his amazing eyes. Thank God for those, since he was rocking a mullet!! 😛

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    Wow, what a great perspective! I’ve never thought of my eyes in that way before either. I’ve never looked at things from this perspective. Thanks for such a wonderful post. 🙂 #BlogelinaCommentathon

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    I think that it is so true that your eyes see so much like grief, happiness, anger, sadness, pain, joy, surprising moments in life. I have seen and gone through so much in the past two years that sometimes I may want to close my eyes when I feel too much negative energy in my life, but I encourage myself to stay present in the moment and keep my eyes wide open and stay present for my children. Thank you for sharing this article!

    @Blogelina Commentathon

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    I’m the only member of my family that has 20 20 vision so I tend to look after them a lot. I always sunglasses whether in winter or summer. So I’ve avoided too many wrinkles in that area. I should have used some sort of cream to protect them more but I’m not much of a pampering kind of girl.

  10. Terese says

    Wow Donna! This post is soooooooo beautiful and thought-provoking! So much can be seen through people’s eyes! Strong, powerful connections can be made. Trusting relationships can be built. Truth can be told. Kindness can be shared. Humanity can prevail!

    As I see it…the EYES have it all!!! 🙂

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    I love this post. I am always drawn to a person’s eyes especially when they are bright and/or a really pretty color. I always wished I had really pretty eyes. Mine are brown. I always think of that as being kind of ordinary.

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    My eyes are like a guide. I have a family member with some memory loss. I can help by showing where things go or not to step here or there. I really liked reading about how we use our eyes!

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    Eyes truly are the window to our soul! I always am doing something with my eyes, whether it’s putting on makeup, taking if off, wearing contacts,or wearing glasses. This is a great perspective!

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    What a beautiful poetic post. My eyes have been really tired lately. When they get rest, my soul gets rest as well. My eyes are lucky to not have seen as much horror as others all over the world. I am grateful for what my eyes have seen.

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    This is a beautiful post. Eyes are expressive and windows to our soul but I had never thought about them this deeply before. This reminded me of a cover for National Geographic Magazine. I don’t remember the name of the girl, but the cover focused of the eyes of the girl. There was grief and so much rage in those eyes.

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      Hi Chaitali. I remember that National Geographic post too. I remember the original one and then another story many years later when the reporter finally found the woman after years of searching for her. It is a very sticking picture and story.

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    I have a Pet Blogging colleague who is partially sighted, thanks to her I always make sure my blog post is readable by ‘readers’ and does not contain a lot of fancy ‘stuff’. It is often thanks to the perspective of others, like your post, we learn to see our gifts in a new and different way.

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    Such an interesting series. I love all the different ways you explore our eyes and what we see. There are just so many emotions we can see and experience with our eyes. You’ve also reminded me that I need to take better care of mine, so thank you.

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    This is a very thought provoking post on the revealing quality of our eyes. It is so very interesting how much a truly perceptive person is able to gather from simple eye contact. Thank you for sharing!

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    What a wonderful tribute to eyes, I really enjoyed it!

    I do tend to close my eyes when I don’t want to see something, or at least cover them. It can be a comforting way to block out things.

    My eyes are blue, I tend to use neutral eye shadow, if I wear any makeup, and black mascara. I really just wear it for special occasions, mainly because as a mom of three boys, I have so little time to “get ready.”

    I do wear glasses, making the move to bi-focals that make me feel old;) Yet grateful I still have my vision, and that there are lenses to help me see better.

    I do take care of my eyes with annual exams, I use a moisturizer with SPF in the mornings, and night cream before bed. I wear sunglasses if I’m outside.

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    Very interesting subject! The eyes truly do tell all, I think. Happy or sad, mad or glad, disappointed, joyful, and, of course, in love. I always think I have a pretty good poker face but my eyes endlessly give me away.

    I’ve cried out of anger many, many times. Out of joy, too. I actually cry a lot.

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    Sounds like an interesting series for sure. Eyes…yes. So much going on within them. One question you asked was if you ever turned a blind eye to someone’s suffering…not if I can help it no. I always try my best to reach out. Great post!

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    I’ve been told that my eyes look very mysterious and people always have a hard time reading me. I think that’s a good thing because I love having a little mystery especialy when people gaze into my eyes. Thanks for this wondrous post!

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    Thank you for the beautiful post! Eyes are the most amazing part of the human body to me. The fact that we can take in images of everything around and the brain processes them so that we can perceive what is going on is really kind of astounding. And I love that people can see the same things a little bit differently. Great post!

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    This was such a lovely post to read. I have actually experienced ‘angry tears’ – when my level of frustration has reached a boiling point and I feel helpless in truly expressing myself – that is when ‘angry tears’ come out. I also turn noticeably red in the face when this happens. I have this distinct memory in high school when one of my friends said out of the blue how pretty my eyes were. It was the first and only time I had heard that before – never thought of mine as pretty since they didn’t seem like a ‘nice’ color or anything…now that I look back…maybe it wasn’t the color the comment stemmed from.

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      Hi Yona. Thanks for stopping by. Its amazing how unique we all are. Wishing you an in-sightful day 🙂 (p.s where did you get your lady and umbrella icon? O would love to find one with magic wand 🙂 )

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    Now I have some songs in my head! This is an interesting post, as you don’t often reflect on something as everyday as your own eyes. I value my eyes and try to keep them healthy as over the years I have progressed to legally blind (but corrected with lenses).

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      Hello Nicole. Thank you so very much! The blog post evolved more and more as I wrote it. I am actually OBSESSED with Peter Gabriel’s song. It was the inspiration for this post. Have a fantastic day!

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    Great article! I have never really thought of “eyes” so in depth but your article is so true there is so much that the eyes can “say”!

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    This was quite the thought inducing post… I read the post… I read some of the comments… it dawned on me that I don’t look into people’s eyes. I have an issue with eye contact which I have been known to have for years, but it makes me consider why. Maybe it’s my soul that I am keeping others from seeing so I avert the eye contact… like I said… thought inducing…

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    What a beautiful post! You had me thinking about everything I have seen and experienced in my life. The eyes are truly gateways to the soul! Thank you for sharing!

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      Thank you Ramya! It evolved as I wrote it and it was such a pleasure to realize what a true gift it is to not only see but to experience the world through our eyes 🙂 Have a wonderful day.

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    I look at and through my eyes every day and I write about what I see, every day. I’m reminded of the song… “These Eyes….” my college years…my high school years….ah, these eyes….


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