A is for RE-ASSESS

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Ok…You may be entering unchartered territory here, or perhaps just need to readjust your sails.

It’s time to get down to business…or maybe into pleasure. All work and no play make Jane a dull girl!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to tune into this blog series on a regular basis and see how the

A to Z’s of RE-Designing Your Life can help move you in a forward direction. Are you ready?

Ready or not, here we go!

Now is the time to RE-Assess Your Life.

For this activity you can write (journal), draw, make a video or collect/organize physical materials that represent all the activities, experiences and adventures that you have experienced so far in your life for each question listed below. You can choose 1 or all of them if you like. You can always come back to refresh or add to your project whenever and however you decide. Start organizing souvenirs of thoughts, events, accomplishments, photos etc in kind of a time-line fashion. Start from your childhood and move on from there. You can add, rearrange, etc until you have your first draft (this timeline will of course continue so don’t worry about it being completely complete or perfect…just do your best) something you can useas you continue through this challenge…we will put it all together at the end. Please remember there is no right or wrong here…just a work in progress.

Enjoy the journey. It may not have always been easy or enjoyable yet it all has purpose. Let’s begin, shall we?!


Who are you? If you just met someone for the first time, like me perhaps, and were asked to describe yourself and what you stand for and value, what would you say? How would you answer that question? How can you best describe yourself… openly, honestly, (perceived) flaws and all? It’s time to make an inventory list of all the things that make you that special person that you are. This is not for anyone else to see or agree with. This is YOU being all about YOU. No judgement.

What have you experienced? Have you ever taken a look at just how far you’ve come? All the tests, trials and tribulations led you to where you are at this very moment. Did you ever stop and acknowledge yourself for everything that you put up with? Learned? Contributed? You have spent countless hours helping others (and hopefully yourself too somewhere in the mix) and you really DO have value!

When do you make time for yourself? Do you or don’t you? Is it a few minutes here and there…sporadically. Do you carve out an occasional hour or enjoy a leisurely stroll? Are you so caught up in the day to day minutia that you have gotten lost in the shuffle somewhere? What can you do for yourself and by yourself that can brighten your day? Reward yourself with? Enjoy? Can you take a look at your routine and see how you can fit more YOU time into your life?

Where are you going? Do you know? Have any idea? Have you been procrastinating for far too long? Do you have any goals for yourself to accomplish in the next 3 months? 6months? 1 year? Do you have any dreams that need dusting off and put back into action?

Why do you do the things you do? Have you ever stopped to think about how and why you do the things you do? Was it passed down from generation to generation? Did you pick up any interesting ideas, traditions, and points of view along the way? Do they serve you well?

Okay, so this is more than enough to start with. It may take some time to pull together. I know you can do this! You are so worth it. Some answers may surprise you. Please do yourself the favor and check in for the complete A to Z series. Even if you’re not up for the challenge yet it may serve you in the future as you pick up ideas along the way.

Have an AMAZING day, I look forward to our next visit together.

Closeup of candle flame.
Closeup of candle flame.



RE-Designing Your Life… The April 2016 Blog Challenge is HERE!

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Hello There!
It’s time to plug into RE-Designing Your Life!
In this blog series I will be going over how to RE-Design Your Life from A to Z.
For the Month of April 2016 check in every day (except Sundays…unless you want to catch up) for a new and informative blog suggesting how YOU can RE-Design Your Life in a few simple steps. Are YOU ready to take the challenge? Is it time for YOU to change things up a bit? Improve things?
I’m so glad that you are here. Please enjoy this blog. I would love to hear how you are doing and if there are any suggestions that you can share with me!
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