V is for RE-VIEW

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V is for RE-VIEW

We are just about done with the A to Z RE-DESIGNING your Life Challenge.

It’s time to RE-VIEW just how far you’ve come and catch up on any unfinished tasks.mag2

Take a look at all the time that you have put into this challenge and the suggested activities.

What have you found to be the most beneficial?

Have there been subtle changes or drastic ones?

What is/was the most difficult?

Which ones still need your attention?

binocAt any given moment we can look back on our lives and find both blessings and regrets.

Wouldn’t it be great to tip the scales in your favor and stack the deck so your memories can be OUTSTANDING?

Of course we can all lose track, get behind in our work, and ‘fall off the horse’ so to speak.

Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep going.

So maybe you’ve made some mistakes, missed a few deadlines etc. The time that you spend beating yourself up can be used instead to get on with the next best thing to do in your best interest. You’ve beat yourself up enough and I doubt that it did you any good.

Someone once told me. “You can’t beat yourself UP!”  “What your really doing is beating yourself DOWN!.” Nothing good can come out of that- its just a waste of time. It’s a habit worth breaking.

Moving forward from here on out, what would you like to put in place in your life right now, so when you look back in a week, a year or 5 years you can smile and say “YES! I made the best possible choices!” “I used my power productively.” “I’m so glad that I did (or didn’t) do/say that!”

If it will help or make you feel better find yourself an ‘ ACCOUNTABILITY BUDDY.’ A friend who would like to go through all the steps and challenges by your side. They don’t need to share their info/process- that can be kept private. You can gently encourage and nudge each other to complete the whole process from A to Z, and then you can both celebrate together! (and create an accomplishment memory together).journaling1

So wipe that slate clean, stop keeping score, and continue in a direction that best suites your needs.

Until we meet again…Have a VICTORIOUS day!

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