W is for RE-WARD

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W is for RE-WARD

This may be considered the best part of the challenge.

You are coming around the homestretch and there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Its time to plan your REWARD…S.box

Just one reward simply wont do!

I suggest planning a series of rewards since you’ve covered so much ground and have put so much effort into your transformation.


First, how about 1 LARGE RE-WARD such as a trip: a cruise or a guided tour at a place that you’ve always wanted to visit?  Of course for this one you would have had to complete ALL of the assignments. If you haven’t, no worries. Schedule the trip and get back to work and fill in all the gaps of the challenge since you now have a specific dated target to get to. Your destination or RE-WARD is anything that would make YOU happy.

Second, you will need a MEDIUM RE-WARD. How about a mini-staycation? An entire weekend to unplug, rest, have a pajama day, go to a spa, have a movie marathon – whatever would reward you for the entire 2 or 3 days that you’re taking JUST FOR YOU.

Last, but certainly not least have several SMALL RE-WARDS. Sprinkle them throughout your days. Make them fun and enjoyable!

You can choose any, all or none of these. RE-WARDS are very personal so some time and thought should go into making them the BEST EVER. After all, they will become part of your memories so they should be top notch choices!

bagYou can choose 26 RE-WARDS – 1 for each activity completed.

You might choose 26 new accessories for your wardrobe.

Maybe try 26 new restaurants over the next year.

The sky is the limit!

Also it’s your choice whether to do these alone or with someone else. Remember there are no ‘shoulds’  – these are YOUR RE-WARDS, you get to choose.

There is also no time limit or expiration date. Get to them as soon as you comfortably can. Spend extra time planning and detailing the events/RE-WARDS so when they happen they will be everything you’ve intended them to be.

Until we meet again…Have a WONDERFUL day!flower place


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      Hi Molly. I appreciate you stopping by. I started the challenge with a lot of vigor and with different things popping up I lost steam somewhere…lol. I got 2 days behind and am very happy that I caught up! 2 days to go. We can do this! A shirt is a great idea! I promised myself that next year I will be SUPER ready…its a thought, anyway lol. Wishing you a wonderful day!

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