I Love You

t3w-pic-i-love-you-for-blogThere seems to be no sweeter words to hear than someone saying “I LOVE YOU”

Children say it, parents say it, friends say it, lovers say it, even dogs say it. (Have you seen the videos?)

No matter who delivers the message it is usually heartfelt and cherished.

For some the words roll off their tongue very easily, for others it comes with much effort. I think it’s because people feel so vulnerable and fear rejection. What do you think?

We have our favorite people who we tell that we love them, and we like to hear it back from them as well.  When one person says it more than another it seems unbalanced and can have us feeling insecure. Unfortunately some people seem to ‘keep score’ and this can make things tense.

Some people use these words to manipulate others and get what they want and that, to me, seems like a selfish act.

Others use it so flippantly that it hardly seems sincere.

Some of us need to hear, see or feel it so desperately and we rarely do, which is sad.

Sometimes life circumstances has us grieving the loss of a loved one whom we can no longer share our love with. Other times, since we never got over our fears, there are people who were never able to hear those words from us.

Regret is a terrible thing.

Most people have ‘ways’ of expressing love rather than ‘saying’ it out loud. This is great and does count for something, however in order to be fully received your form of expression needs to line up with the way they best ‘receive’ things.

You need to know the person who you communicate with. There are many styles and sometimes words and deeds don’t match up.

For instance:

Visual people like to ‘see’ how you love them….cards, flowers…tangible things.

Auditory people like to ‘hear’ you say the actual words…often many times.

Kinesthetic people like to ‘feel’ so they prefer hugs and cuddles.

If YOU are kinesthetic and your partner is auditory, you can give them a dozen hugs a day but they STILL need to HEAR it so it can be fully received.

If you’re visual and your partner is auditory, they can tell you 20 times a day that they love you but unless you get a card or some flowers you may feel slighted.

 Do you know what your preference is?   How about others in your life?  How do you best connect with them?


Of course we are all a combination of all of these at different times and tuning into our preferences and those of important people in our lives can be a tricky thing.telephone-for-t3w-i-love-you

No matter who you are or how you like these 3 words expressed I think it is safe to say that the world needs more love and saying I love you can make someone’s day!

Think about how wonderful it makes YOU feel!!!

Who can you talk to TODAY to say “I LOVE YOU” that would really love to hear from you?

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