A is for ANGER

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Did you notice that there can be a lot of irritation and ANGER that comes on during Menopause?

Seemingly innocent people become victims of our skewed points of view.

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Everyone seems to have turned into incompetent fools, almost overnight! No matter which way you turn people are in your way, don’t know how to drive to save their lives, or just say the stupidest things! Did someone come by with a crop duster during the night and anonymously spray the world with stupid dust? What kind of sick joke is this anyway? Does anyone have or use common sense anymore?

My experience with anger has been a scary one! I could be calm and relaxed one minute and the next thing you know I would be off on some tirade of comments, judgments and expletives (mostly said out loud but often times thought of in my head) that sent people fleeing for their safety, or seriously questioning my sanity. My anger could quickly escalate into rage and even fury. I would sort of witness myself becoming some sort of savage out of control beast with no “off” button. And if that wasn’t bad enough, when I would finally come down off my high horse and back to my senses I would crash into a sea of emotions and remorse. It’s as if there are raging hormone changes on the inside as well as rage “at” people on the outside. Not a good combo.


volcano - CopyWhat has your experience been? Does this sound familiar? Have you found any effective solutions? Do help a girl out will ya?!

Are there any other words starting with the letter “A” that YOU associate with in regards to Menopause? Do tell!!!

Some suggestions given are: anxiety, annoying, anticipation, appreciation and aging. Do any of these resonate with YOU?

The ABC’s Of Menopause

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Welcome to the ABC’s of MENOPAUSE!

Over the next several weeks we will be taking a look at some of the highs and lows of Menopause. Let’s face it, Menopause is no walk in the park. There are so many things changing, shifting, sagging, sweating. You may feel like you’re coming apart at the seams until you figure out some sort of balance.

What’s a girl to do?          path2 - Copy

Usually we get by with a little (or a lot of) help from our friends. Friends to talk to, cry with, plot & scheme with, and survive with while supporting and encouraging one another. Trying, desperately at times, to believe and convey that: THIS TOO SHALL PASS. All the while thinking: “How will I ever get through the day!?” I really don’t think that any woman could successfully get by without the loving support and kindness from others during this time in her life.

Now, of course there are highlights and beauty as well. Plenty to create and dream about and accomplish. There are moments to cherish and celebrate. There seems to be an incredible metamorphosis occurring and it often times can be a rebirth – a new beginning!

Please join me as we go through the ABC’s of Menopause. I would like to hear your point of view, your experiences, your journey.      get by with friends