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There doesn’t seem to be enough kindness in the world. So many grumpy and miserable people. Was it always like that and I’m just starting to notice that now? Or is it just lately that it has gotten out of control? People are stressed and worried. It seems to be rubbing off on me. I don’t want to look and feel like that. Ehhh. It takes a lot of consciousness sometimes to see the brighter side and to stay there.

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A little kindness goes a long way. I can be having a challenging time and someone can randomly smile at me and brighten my day. Sometimes my heart smiles back not just my face. A smile really doesn’t cost you anything and usually makes you and the other person feel good. Is it really that hard to try?

There are times when I smile at a person in the grocery store and we wind up having a wonderful conversation about all kinds of things, surprising things, fun things. Other times they look at me like I want to steal their purse or something. That actually hurts me. If it happens a few times in a row I actually cry. It’s sad to know that people can’t even exchange pleasantries without suspicion.

builds upI practice random acts of kindness anyway, it makes me feel good. I just can’t take on the nonsense of others. Life is too short. I can’t force anyone else to be happy or for them to even try. I DO have control over myself and my choices. I decide to smile.  How about you?

What kind things do you do for yourself? For others? What kind things do you like to receive? Do you expect them? Prefer when they are random and unsolicited? What are your views on kindness?  kind word



J is for JOY

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My original idea for this post was to do it on judgment. In this day and age and as we get older it is so easy to sit in judgment of ourselves and others. We can be relentless with the list of woes or wrongdoings. “She should do this”, “He should say that”, “Why didn’t she….”, “Why can’t he…..”

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Isn’t it amazing how much we judge ourselves too?! We don’t let ourselves off the hook for ANYTHING! Our ideas of having or needing to be perfect or better than someone else have gotten out of control. We hold ourselves to phantom standards imposed by the beauty industry or society in general and we always seem to fall short. We become judge, jury and executioner.

I would much rather talk about JOY. Where is the joy in your life? Do you have any? Have you become so bent on the mundane day to day grind and nonproductive nonsense that it seems to elude you now?

Sure there are many responsibilities that come with adulthood and even more, it seems as we get older. That still doesn’t mean that we need to give up our joy. It doesn’t have to be a distant memory.

outside in natureIt doesn’t even have to be difficult or challenging. How about a phone call to a friend or family member that can put a smile on your face or theirs? How about a short (or long depending on your schedule) walk. Take in some fresh air. Marvel at the intricacies of a flower. Be glad you are still 6 feet ABOVE ground. Share a smile with someone – you don’t even have to know them!

What can you do today to put a smile on your face? In your heart? What can you celebrate? There is such turmoil in our lives at times and in the world, how can we turn that around? Even for a few moments. Please share how you experience joy. I wish you a wonderful joy-filled day!



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Sometime during midlife our internal clocks somehow get mixed up. You’re sleepy when you need to be awake and are awake when you need to be sleeping. What’s going on here? Who turned my body clock upside down? You are tired at the end of the night and are ready and willing but the body is not able. I thought it was just because I have a few dozen things on my mind. I handled that and STILL sleep eluded me.


I think that’s why Zombie movies are so popular, they seem to be based on insomnia. You don’t sleep well and can’t seem to catch up on any rest. The last full nights’ sleep seems to be a distant memory. You still need to be a responsible citizen, engage with others, hold down a job, take care of a family, interact with friends, grocery shop, do laundry, and all sorts of tasks and deadlines are involved. That’s all hard enough to do on a good day, never mind after a few sleepless nights. Yup! That’s where the origin of the zombie movies must have come from. I know when I don’t sleep, I sure as heck feel like one. Think about it, you look and feel terrible and you can be incoherent. You moan and groan, whether its audible to anyone else is beside the point. You have an irritable ‘out of it’ kind of demeanor, and you drag yourself around. Zombie, I tell ya!

images7PZL7P1L - CopyAfter about a year of this nonsense I discovered what I call ‘A MAGIC PILL.’ That’s what it seems like, anyway. It’s called FEMMENESSENCE. I felt calmer after taking the first one – though that may have been mind over matter. I gave it try because it was a natural product and doesn’t have hormones or hormone replacement anything in it. The magic ingredient is MACA- good stuff!   Although I am relaxed (calm really) I have energy and can get things done like I used to. By the end of the night I am able to SLEEP! I missed it more than I thought I did. I even went to sleep with a smile on my face J My understanding is that this natural ingredient helps support the systems in your body that deal with hormones and they are more able to readjust or ‘do their thing’ like they should. The product comes with a telephone number and hotline for all your questions and concerns. I have to see if they need a spokesperson for it – maybe I can volunteer. It even seems to “calm my crazy.”

What’s in your toolbox to fix this problem? Have you had any positive or negative experiences with any product?

H is for HAIR

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There are so many topics about hair, where do I start? I have more questions than answers at the moment, more like concerns actually. Let’s break it down and take a look:

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Growing it: Hair seems to be growing in strange places. I seem to have a collection of hair on my chin that wants to start being a beard. Where the hell did this come from? I need more on my head not on my chin! Do you have this collection as well? How do you have it vacate your premises?

Losing it: At this point my hair seems to be thinning out. The amount of hair loss after every shower seems to be increasing. Maybe I should donate it to the birds. One pile of my hair and their nests would be complete, they could take a break this year from such a time consuming task. I could cut their time in half! Can you relate?

Shaving it: Every time I turn around its time to shave again. I feel like a slave to my razor. As far as hair goes do you shave? Wax? Depilate? This is an adventure all by itself. Survival is not guaranteed. WARNING there could be bloodshed!

Taming it: I feel like I’m taming a shrew! (pun intended) My hair has a mind of its own and some days I don’t win the battle. I want it to do one thing and it wants to do another. The solution: a ponytail….again…uh!

Coloring it: It seems that I have to color my hair more frequently these days. The grays are coming in quicker. I’ve experimented with a few different shades but nothing too drastic …yet. I think as I get older and my hair gets lighter (I’m a brunette now) I may experiment with going blonde..lol. How is that for daring? What colors have you tried? I have a friend who has had every color under the sun. Sometimes it looks good, other times….NOT.

What hairy situation are you in these days?party favor dust

Are you involved in any hair-raising adventures?

G is for GIVING

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Giving can be a wonderful experience. Being able to share with others or helping those in need get a little further in life or be a little safer is an awesome feeling. How does giving make you feel? Does it make you smile?

I think there is an innate longing to share our true essence with other people. Making time to chat on the phone, being able to spend precious time in person by visiting, or even taking a few moments to send a heartfelt text to someone just to let them know you are there and are thinking about them.


During midlife things may seem to get unbalanced (or maybe you’re finally realizing it) and we need to reevaluate our time and our giving. We have patterns of behavior or habits that can keep us unbalanced and unhealthy. You may have done this for so long that you don’t know how to do it another way or may even feel guilty for wanting or needing your own time back.

Are we giving so much of ourselves, and our time and resources away that we get run down or depleted? Are we doing so much for everybody else that we don’t give enough to ourselves? How much is too much?

Many times, no matter how much you give, it’s still not enough for some people. Are they being selfish? Clueless? Irresponsible? Can there ever be a happy medium?

In what area of your life have you given too much and it has left you empty or drained? Are you able to stand back and objectively look at the situation and make some positive adjustments for yourself? I know I say yes more often than I should and I can get to the point where I am feeling resentful. It’s no one else’s fault. Did I make the best choice possible for myself? Do I need to remedy the situation? There is only so much I can do. Am I being realistic? Am I trying to please others? Am I able to say no? Do I feel obligated? Why?

giving treeIs there something negative or destructive that you could give up? It’s not always about what you can give but also what you can give up that frees you to live a better life. Spring cleaning is always in fashion. Is there anything you can or need to give away? Does it still serve you or can someone else enjoy its benefits?


What nice treat can you give yourself? What gift can YOU give to YOU?