Words have power.

They tell stories.

They express feelings.

They start wars.

They convey meaning.

They hook you.

They hurt you.

They validate you.

Words are indeed very powerful. Sometimes you don’t need many to get your point across, be heard or make a point.

This series of ‘THESE 3 WORDS’ is a forum where phrases, sentences or statements of just 3 words will serve as conversation topics between you and I. If you’d like to participate by commenting or adding, please do.

So, tell me.    What three words.    Resonate with you?

Z is for RE-ZIST

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Z is for RE-ZIST

Congratulations…you are 1 activity away from completing the A to Z’s of RE-DESIGNING Your Life Challenge!

Look at how far you’ve come!

You made it!ww

You’ve hung in there and put all that time, effort and attention into RE-DESIGNING   YOUR Life.

I know it wasn’t easy at times yet you persevered.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and to care about yourself enough to be the best you that you could possibly be!

This isn’t an exact science and there are no perfect outcomes.

Change can be challenging and difficult as well as rewarding. I prefer to use the word ‘IMPROVEMENTS’ instead of ‘CHANGES’ – it just makes it a little easier to deal with, you can borrow this or use any word/term that you prefer to get the job done.

Now that you have gained all that momentum its time to RE-ZIST falling back onto old ways, old outdated patterns.

queen i amUse what you’ve gained to keep propelling you forward and attain even more progress.

Remember this is not a race to be won. Proceed at your own pace and timing.

You can always come back and review what still needs completion.

If there are any challenges or activities that you’ve missed please RE-ZIST the urge to ‘get back to it some other time.’

There is no time like the present. See where you can carve out pockets of time AND REACH YOUR GOAL!


Keep up the good work!

Until we meet again…Have a ZEALOUS day!power allalong


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It happens to all of scale

No one escapes it.

I’m talking about aging.

Try as you may, you just cant escape it…..or can you?

Chronologically you will get older but you don’t have to be its prisoner.

The definition of  YOUTHEN according to Merriam Webster is:


-ed / -ing / -s

transitive verb

: to make youthful in appearance, behavior, or qualities of mind or feeling.

You can choose to see youth as an ‘attitude’ that you can adapt/wear now instead of thinking that it was wasted in yesteryear.

All is not lost.

lolNow I’m not suggesting immaturity or irresponsibility.

Neither am I suggesting lotions, potions or pills that can be toxic or dangerous.

I’m suggesting getting in touch with that youthful glow by wearing a new attitude and behavior.

Try in on for size.

This is a matter of the mind that can positively effect the body.

Do you carry yourself proudly or drag yourself around?

Do you accentuate your body in a flattering way or throw on baggy unattractive clothes just to get through the day with little effort paid to your appearance just because you would rather be comfortable?

Do you have a positive outlook on life or do you feel that you are in a constant state of doom and gloom?

This challenge involves looking at aspects of your life/mindset that may be holding you back – or should I say propelling you too far in to the future too fast.

Get in touch with that younger version of yourself and make a list of aspects that you would like to experience again or expand your current qualities.

Are there activities, ideas or things that you’ve always wanted to try or do?

Now may just be the right time. Are you ready?

Find at least 3 things that you would like to give some attention to and get to work!

Until we meet again…Have a very ‘YOU’ kind of day!lady in cape

X is for RE-X-AMINE

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X is for RE-X-AMINE

So far, we have looked at and examined our thoughts, actions, dreams, habits and feelings – just to name a few.

Now it’s time to RE-X-AMINE your attitude.range of emo

Okay, so its not a glamorous subject but it is a necessary one.

What do you bring to the table?

To the conversation?

Into your environment?

Do you come across as a worry wart, a stick in the mud, or nosey?

Are you open minded, welcoming and pleasant?

Regardless of what others are doing/saying or not doing/saying you are responsible for you.

Believe it or not, your thoughts, actions, feelings, attitude and the like are all in your control.

no ordersYou pull your own puppet strings and steer  your own course.

Of course others have influence over us in various degrees yet what we say and do is up to us.

Many times other people can push our buttons, get on our last nerve and make us want to scream (or throw something at them).

In this moment we can choose to keep our own power or give it away.

In what way(s) can you best represent yourself to get your point across or to be heard?

If you walk around looking like you’ve been sucking on lemons you might no get the warmest reception from others or even the outcomes that YOU were hoping for.

Take some time and Re-X-AMINE your attitude.

How has it helped you?

Has it ever hurt you? Has it hurt someone else?

How can you improve it?

Make a list of some areas that you would like some improvement in and take some necessary steps, even if they are baby steps towards having a better attitude.

So it may not be easy to do. It doesn’t have to be done overnight.

Awareness is key. Once you realize exactly what is going on you can always tweak things.

Until we meet again…Have a Xtra special day!

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W is for RE-WARD

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W is for RE-WARD

This may be considered the best part of the challenge.

You are coming around the homestretch and there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Its time to plan your REWARD…

Just one reward simply wont do!

I suggest planning a series of rewards since you’ve covered so much ground and have put so much effort into your transformation.


First, how about 1 LARGE RE-WARD such as a trip: a cruise or a guided tour at a place that you’ve always wanted to visit?  Of course for this one you would have had to complete ALL of the assignments. If you haven’t, no worries. Schedule the trip and get back to work and fill in all the gaps of the challenge since you now have a specific dated target to get to. Your destination or RE-WARD is anything that would make YOU happy.

Second, you will need a MEDIUM RE-WARD. How about a mini-staycation? An entire weekend to unplug, rest, have a pajama day, go to a spa, have a movie marathon – whatever would reward you for the entire 2 or 3 days that you’re taking JUST FOR YOU.

Last, but certainly not least have several SMALL RE-WARDS. Sprinkle them throughout your days. Make them fun and enjoyable!

You can choose any, all or none of these. RE-WARDS are very personal so some time and thought should go into making them the BEST EVER. After all, they will become part of your memories so they should be top notch choices!

bagYou can choose 26 RE-WARDS – 1 for each activity completed.

You might choose 26 new accessories for your wardrobe.

Maybe try 26 new restaurants over the next year.

The sky is the limit!

Also it’s your choice whether to do these alone or with someone else. Remember there are no ‘shoulds’  – these are YOUR RE-WARDS, you get to choose.

There is also no time limit or expiration date. Get to them as soon as you comfortably can. Spend extra time planning and detailing the events/RE-WARDS so when they happen they will be everything you’ve intended them to be.

Until we meet again…Have a WONDERFUL day!flower place