Q is for RE-QUIRE

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Q is for RE-QUIRE

What is it that you really require in your life? heart

Besides food clothing and shelter, what else do you feel is essential for you to live a happy and healthy life?

Most people would say Love.

Love makes the world go around.

There are so many forms of love so its possible that you can have all your bases covered and needs met.

Can you recall all the times in your life when you felt loved?

Some of the greatest gifts of love that I have received come from times when a complete stranger would look me in the eye and share a smile. A genuine, from the heart – smile. They shared a part of themselves so vulnerable and real that it moves me – every time. This, I feel, is love. Someone took a few seconds to share with me a gift that will linger on in my mind and heart for who knows how long. I don’t know their struggles or concerns and they don’t know mine, yet in that moment- it all blurs out- and we exchange a simple, profound and meaningful bit of love. We will probably never see each other again yet we live on in each others memory.

Has this ever happened to you? Did you receive it well? Did you initiate the exchange? How does it make you feel?

handsWhat other things do you RE-QUIRE in your life that makes you complete, whole?

You play many roles and much is RE-QUIRED OF you.

Can you take some time and journal about 1 thing in your life that makes you smile and makes you feel validated? It can be something you do for yourself, or the great way you take care of yourself. It can come from someone else who says or does something for you or with you. It can be a breathtaking view of nature or a simple walk.

Spend at least a half hour or so and write down everything that comes to mind. You may smile, or cry or laugh- its ALL okay. Celebrate what make you – YOU!

Until we meet again…Have a QUALITY day!




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Sometimes in life you can find yourself off-course.target

Like it or not, that’s where you are.

It’s not a time to give up, it’s time to RE-POSITION yourself for success!

Now is the perfect time to plot out your moves.

What is your strategy?

Are there any specific activities or habits that you know of that can help you get closer to your goal? Something that has helped in the past? If so it’s time to break them out, dust them off and put them to good use again.

Some other suggestions that I have are:

Set your alarm for 30minutes earlier in the morning (you may have tried this before)Not to dilly-dally, but to get yourself together and then use that 30 minutes productively towards getting you to your target faster.

chessUse your travel time to plot out some form of correspondence. If your driving you can use the voice activation feature and record yourself. If you take mass transportation you can jot things down in the memo or list part of your cell phone. And, of course, a good ol’ pen and notepad work just fine too.

In the evening you can take an additional 30 minutes (instead of the internet, t.v. or videos) to cross things off your list that you accomplished and plan your next best move.

As you build up your momentum and have small successes it will fuel you to get to the finish line!

ok, now get a move on! race bike

Until we meet again….Have a PROSPEROUS day!


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Take a deep breath. Maybe two or three more.

It’s now time to tackle the closets-yes ALL of them. This is a MAJOR project.sunflower

Set aside a few days or a weekend and get it done!

Actually schedule it on your calendar.

Block out all interruptions including calls and internet.

Another deep breath.

This doesn’t have to be a long –drawn out process.

The goal here is to do the most good in the shortest amount of time so that you can get on with your life and enjoying things that are more fun.

Let’s turn this into a game. It’s not necessarily fun, but definitely important. It doesn’t have to be horrible either. How you choose to deal with it is up to you.

You can set a timer and clean in increments….say for a half hour or so.

cat in boxOne system that I put in place was to reward myself almost immediately.

I would time myself for 30 minutes and challenge myself to get the closet emptied out, sorted, dusted, and wiped down-top to bottom.

Now by sorted I mean I placed each item into several different piles such as: Keeping, donating, throwing out, not sure and “what was I thinking?”

Once that was complete I got to walk away and play 3 games of solitaire. Once the 3 games were done it was on to the next section of the closet. Obviously you can reward yourself with the internet, video games, email, a quick phone call, (to someone who will encourage you to finish and keep you accountable rather than talking you out of it) or whatever you would enjoy.

When my break was over I would put the ‘keep’ items neatly and functionally back into the closet, figure out who and how I was going to deal with the ‘donate’ pile, got a garbage bag-or two for the ‘throw out’ pile, a box for the ‘not sure’ pile to ponder later (it has 24 hours to find a home weather its back into the closet or if it goes into any of the other piles).

*Added incentive was to get 2 or more friends to pick the same time frame to go through their stuff. Different things could be swapped, switched, exchanged or consolidated into items for a garage sale (or pick-up from a local non-profit) along with a celebration together when it was all over. cards1

As for the ‘what was I thinking?’ pile, well… those went into a box that I could only discuss with my closest friends to see what we could come up with as to what to do with it.

Once I was completely done with the closet I would get a half hour (set that timer again), to play unlimited games of solitaire until the alarm went off. Then it was on to the next closet.

My BONUS was that if I managed to get ALL the closets done in 1 day then I had the separate day off-to do or not do whatever I wanted.

**If you’re not ready for the closets or are fortunate enough that yours are tidy, you can choose the garage, a basement or an attic. The choice is yours.

Imagine how GREAT you will feel when it’s all finished!

Until we meet again….Have an OUTRAGEOUS day!women having dinner


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It’s time to look at your value and RE-NEGOTIATE life on your terms.clock

Let’s look at your procrastination, fears, and excuses and see what they are costing you.

Just how expensive are they?

How much TIME does it rob you of?

How much HEALTH does it cost you?

How much of your LIFE does it steal?

tear - CopyAre you trading your time and life for habits that deplete your health and waste your time?

Are you so exhausted from loosing your power to these useless drains on your spirit and dreams?

Sit with these questions and really think about them.

Honestly answer them. How do they make you feel?

Do you realize that they can bankrupt you?

I suggest that you give yourself a raise, that’s right a raise.

A raise in your awareness. A raise in taking your control back and realizing that you have choices.

Really inventory your value – you are worth so much more than you’ve led yourself to believe.

Maybe some ‘stinkin thinkin’ can be traded in for a few new positive perceptions.

Maybe some self pity can be swapped for some hope.

Maybe some judgement and self-sabotage can be exchanged for acceptance and love.

What are you willing to give up in order to gain the life you want and deserve?

Until we meet again….Have a NICE day!hand rose - Copy

M is for RE-MIND


M is for RE-MIND

How often do you forget things? Important things? Little things?nice

It’s easy to do. We seem to have a lot of plates spinning in the air.

Here, there, everywhere.

What we forget most often and who we forget most often is ourselves and what makes our lives so special.

Chances are you’ve been here a few decades and have learned a thing or two, been through various experiences – good, bad or otherwise, and are caught up in the rat-race in some way.

This is a reminder to take a few reminder breaks….just for you.

RE-MIND yourself to Smile: Think of something at least once a day that brings a smile to your face and wear it as long as you can. Life is challenging and we need to tip the scales in our favor every chance that we get. Whatever makes you smile warms your soul. Do it as often as you can. There are way too many situations and circumstances that can try and rob you of your joy. Please don’t let that happen.

smile nowRE-MIND yourself to be Grateful: So much in life is taken for granted, especially in this day and age. There are dozens of people who wish they could be in your shoes, literally and figuratively. What 1 thing could you be grateful for today? Remember that as you go throughout your day. You may not have the ‘perfect’ life or one that you brag about from mountain tops, but I bet there are many things that you can be grateful for, even if it’s only for a few minutes.

RE-MIND yourself to Breathe: Take a few deep breaths. Slow down and really be aware of your breaths. Have them be intentional and clearing. Release any stress or frustration. It will only take about a minute or so. You can try this while you’re driving, especially when you’re stopped at a red light, during an entire song or for 1 mile.

I’m here to RE-MIND you to put YOU back in your day, on your list and in your thoughts.

Until we meet again….Have a MARVELOUS day!red ribbon - Copy