X is for RE-X-AMINE

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X is for RE-X-AMINE

So far, we have looked at and examined our thoughts, actions, dreams, habits and feelings – just to name a few.

Now it’s time to RE-X-AMINE your attitude.range of emo

Okay, so its not a glamorous subject but it is a necessary one.

What do you bring to the table?

To the conversation?

Into your environment?

Do you come across as a worry wart, a stick in the mud, or nosey?

Are you open minded, welcoming and pleasant?

Regardless of what others are doing/saying or not doing/saying you are responsible for you.

Believe it or not, your thoughts, actions, feelings, attitude and the like are all in your control.

no ordersYou pull your own puppet strings and steer  your own course.

Of course others have influence over us in various degrees yet what we say and do is up to us.

Many times other people can push our buttons, get on our last nerve and make us want to scream (or throw something at them).

In this moment we can choose to keep our own power or give it away.

In what way(s) can you best represent yourself to get your point across or to be heard?

If you walk around looking like you’ve been sucking on lemons you might no get the warmest reception from others or even the outcomes that YOU were hoping for.

Take some time and Re-X-AMINE your attitude.

How has it helped you?

Has it ever hurt you? Has it hurt someone else?

How can you improve it?

Make a list of some areas that you would like some improvement in and take some necessary steps, even if they are baby steps towards having a better attitude.

So it may not be easy to do. It doesn’t have to be done overnight.

Awareness is key. Once you realize exactly what is going on you can always tweak things.

Until we meet again…Have a Xtra special day!

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