Q is for RE-QUIRE

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Q is for RE-QUIRE

What is it that you really require in your life? heart

Besides food clothing and shelter, what else do you feel is essential for you to live a happy and healthy life?

Most people would say Love.

Love makes the world go around.

There are so many forms of love so its possible that you can have all your bases covered and needs met.

Can you recall all the times in your life when you felt loved?

Some of the greatest gifts of love that I have received come from times when a complete stranger would look me in the eye and share a smile. A genuine, from the heart – smile. They shared a part of themselves so vulnerable and real that it moves me – every time. This, I feel, is love. Someone took a few seconds to share with me a gift that will linger on in my mind and heart for who knows how long. I don’t know their struggles or concerns and they don’t know mine, yet in that moment- it all blurs out- and we exchange a simple, profound and meaningful bit of love. We will probably never see each other again yet we live on in each others memory.

Has this ever happened to you? Did you receive it well? Did you initiate the exchange? How does it make you feel?

handsWhat other things do you RE-QUIRE in your life that makes you complete, whole?

You play many roles and much is RE-QUIRED OF you.

Can you take some time and journal about 1 thing in your life that makes you smile and makes you feel validated? It can be something you do for yourself, or the great way you take care of yourself. It can come from someone else who says or does something for you or with you. It can be a breathtaking view of nature or a simple walk.

Spend at least a half hour or so and write down everything that comes to mind. You may smile, or cry or laugh- its ALL okay. Celebrate what make you – YOU!

Until we meet again…Have a QUALITY day!