T is for RE-TELL

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T is for RE-TELL

We all have our story.

It’s who we are or have created ourselves to be.

It’s a big part of our psyche and it influences our daily thoughts, behaviors and actions.hold mouth

It’s how we define ourselves and project ourselves to others.

I’m sure you’ve heard that there is always more than one side of the story.

It depends how you look at it, how you perceive it.

At any given time we can reiterate it, step by step with all of its pain, misery, struggles, hardships, hurts and woes. From time to time we can sprinkle in a little hope, laughter, love, happiness, joy, fun and gratitude. It depends what you focus on and what emotion or reaction that you would like to solicit from others. Do you spin a tale of woe or wisdom?

spiralThink about that for a moment.

It can be quite manipulative and self-sabotaging. Did you ever listen to how you speak about yourself and others? Are there certain words that you always use? Biases that come into play? Where did all of that come from? Do you wonder?

Do you realize that most of what you think and perceive is implanted in your childhood? Children do not have the same tools, skills, knowledge and resources that adults do. They do the best that they can, yet it is a very limited experience.

My challenge for you today, is to look at one of your ‘stories.’ Really look at it and see how a child would understand it and how an adult can view it. You might be surprised that they can be very different. Same experience – two different points of view. Are there emotions or points of view that you may be stuck on?  Just for a few minutes could you entertain the possibility of it being other than you have been led to believe?  Just for a few moments?  Can you look at the ’emotional charge’ of the situation and put it in a different context?  See it in another light? Can you allow yourself to work through it and see a different version?

Once you’ve sat with that for awhile you may be able to RE-TELL that story in a new light.

Just a thought.

Until we meet again….Have a TERRIFIC day!sunrise set