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It happens to all of us.sexy scale

No one escapes it.

I’m talking about aging.

Try as you may, you just cant escape it…..or can you?

Chronologically you will get older but you don’t have to be its prisoner.

The definition of  YOUTHEN according to Merriam Webster is:


-ed / -ing / -s

transitive verb

: to make youthful in appearance, behavior, or qualities of mind or feeling.

You can choose to see youth as an ‘attitude’ that you can adapt/wear now instead of thinking that it was wasted in yesteryear.

All is not lost.

lolNow I’m not suggesting immaturity or irresponsibility.

Neither am I suggesting lotions, potions or pills that can be toxic or dangerous.

I’m suggesting getting in touch with that youthful glow by wearing a new attitude and behavior.

Try in on for size.

This is a matter of the mind that can positively effect the body.

Do you carry yourself proudly or drag yourself around?

Do you accentuate your body in a flattering way or throw on baggy unattractive clothes just to get through the day with little effort paid to your appearance just because you would rather be comfortable?

Do you have a positive outlook on life or do you feel that you are in a constant state of doom and gloom?

This challenge involves looking at aspects of your life/mindset that may be holding you back – or should I say propelling you too far in to the future too fast.

Get in touch with that younger version of yourself and make a list of aspects that you would like to experience again or expand your current qualities.

Are there activities, ideas or things that you’ve always wanted to try or do?

Now may just be the right time. Are you ready?

Find at least 3 things that you would like to give some attention to and get to work!

Until we meet again…Have a very ‘YOU’ kind of day!lady in cape