K is for RE-KINDLE

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K is for RE-KINDLE

Within the word ‘kindle’ is the word ‘kind.’ Are you…or have you ever really been kind to yourself?petals - Copy

How do you speak TO yourself or ABOUT yourself?

Do you use kind words to describe yourself or is there a constant borage of ‘should-haves,’ ‘shouldn’t haves,’ etc.

It’s time to RE-KINDLE the relationship that you have with yourself.

sing2Are you able to go one whole week without putting yourself down with words or thoughts? How about a day? Can you try for an hour?

Really pay attention and become as aware as you can about how you think about yourself and how you act towards yourself. You might be surprised.

It’s time to be K.I.N.D.

K = Kiss. Give yourself a kiss. When you see yourself in the mirror smile and blow yourself a kiss. If you’re driving, you can kiss the back of your hand and say    “You’re the best!” It may seem silly, but it’s great.

I = Incredible Hugs. Give yourself the biggest, tightest hug that you possibly could at least twice a day. Once when you wake up and once before you go to bed. Of course random hugs throughout the day are welcomed too.

N = Nice thoughts and words about yourself. No matter what, no matter where, no matter when!

D = Deeds. Do 1 nice thing for yourself daily. A kind word. A smile in the mirror. Something simple. Have fun with it. See if you can find a different thing to do each day, no repeats for at least a week.

Try it. It may not be easy at first. Build some momentum with it and see how doing this for about a week or so can change your whole perspective. You ROCK!

Until we meet again….Have a KICK-ASS kinda day!expand

J is for RE-“JOY”CE

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J is for RE-“JOY”CE

I believe in finding JOY in your life. Who wants to go around day after day in the pits!?joy1

It would be easy to find, focus on and moan about all the things that you don’t agree with or what’s wrong with the world. It wouldn’t take long to have a huge list and poor mindset about everything and everyone around you. Many of us get stuck in that place from time to time. There are so many ‘Negative Nellie’s’ around that it sometimes seems impossible to escape.

life is shortWell, what about focusing on what’s right in your world? When was the last time that you thought about that?

I challenge you to find at least 10 things that can and do bring you joy.

Most of them are free yet the value that they have are priceless!

Is there someone that comes to mind that brings an instant smile to your face?

Does thinking of a certain place warm your heart because of its special meaning to you?

Does wearing a certain piece of clothing or accessory really put pep in your step?

Does the company of a certain person or group of people make you eager to be in their presence again? As soon as possible?

It’s time to put as much joy back into your life as possible. You deserve that!


Until we meet again…..I wish you a JOYFUL day!feet hanging out


I is for RE-INVEST

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I is for RE-INVENT

There comes a time in our lives when we need some dusting off, a good push forward – to feel refreshed. We deal with the same old routines and habits not realizing that we get ourselves into a rut, are predictable, and sometimes…..boring.ww

When was the last time that you tried something new? Have you tried a new route to work or the food store? Do you run errands in the SAME order every time? Eat at the SAME restaurant every time that you go out? Where is your sense of adventure?

Is your sense of style and wardrobe outdated? When was the last time that you bought something special for yourself to wear…just because. Not for work or an event or a trip, but just because it would make you feel good. Now I’m not suggesting that you revamp your wardrobe (although you could if you wanted to) or break the bank. Something meaningful that would make you feel FABULOUS!

do over

You work hard and deserve to have some fun, so liven things up a bit!

Its time to RE-INVENT some part of yourself or life.

Is there some part of your self or your life that you would like to do differently? Is there something that you always wished that you had learned or shared? Is there a skill that you are now finally ready to have? A lifestyle change that you would like to incorporate into your daily routine or big picture? Are you ready to up-size or down-size? What are you waiting for? Give yourself the love, permission and time and GO FOR IT!

May I suggest making a plan to try a few new things? Say…..maybe 5 things or so over the next 30 days.

Here are some suggestions…A new food

  • A new perfume
  • A new color in your wardrobe….whether it be clothes, shoes, nail polish, a purse….
  • A new lunch or dinner
  • A new hairstyle or color
  • A new lipstick or eye shadow
  • A new book (to be entertained, enlightened or intrigued)
  • A new idea

What would YOU add to the list? The possibilities are endless…….

Until we meet again…Have an INCREDIBLE day!truth

H is for RE-HEAT

H 2016 a2z


No, I’m not talking about leftovers.

I’m talking about your LOVE life. mirror

YOUR love life with YOU. Yes, your love of SELF. It may sound odd but who else can do it better than you can? And, no It’s not selfish, it’s necessary.

You have many, many relationships that you’re involved in on a daily basis, yet the most important relationship-the one with yourself- may be in need of some attention.

Taking care of yourself used to be much easier. Have you taken yourself for granted? Has life become too hectic to do something loving for yourself?

Where did that fire go? Is there nothing but a flame left? Has it dwindled down to sparks or are you dealing with ashes at this point?

hello2Can you…will you…give yourself some attention?

Just for today….Just for a few minutes, can you have some private alone time in front of a mirror. You may have heard about, or done something similar.

Can you look yourself in the eye, give yourself a big ‘ol grin and say “HI?” It’s a good start. See where it goes from there.

You can decide to check in with yourself for 1 minute every day. Your faithful mirror will be there waiting for you.

One day, perhaps you can say. “Have a great day!” “What great things can I be a part of today?” or even “ I LOVE YOU ______” (make sure to use your name). You can even blow yourself a kiss!

You decide how long you need and what you want to say.

Keep it simple. Keep it special. Keep it going.mirror flower

Until we meet again…Have a HAPPY day!

G is for RE-GROUND

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G is for RE-GROUND

There comes a time when you need to return to basics. Life can seem overwhelming and tasks can seem never-ending. laughing cat - Copy

We can get so caught up in all the gossip and negative information that is coming at us from all sides. Wouldn’t it be nice to take a few deep breaths and enjoy something positive? Uplifting?

You need a time out. To RE-GROUND your SELF.

Don’t worry…the tasks will still be there waiting for you. Life will still be busy, however, you’ll feel more centered and less harried.

The challenge for today…or for the next 20 days to be exact is to take specific 5 minute breaks…..awareness breaks. Scatter them throughout your day and your week whenever you can wherever you are.

scroll and featherThis activity will require a small journal or pieces of paper. Get as creative and colorful as you dare.

Start off by thinking about what it is that makes you SMILE.

It could be a person, place, thing, event, trip, memory, idea…anything and everything.

Each day for 20 days write down 5 things that make you smile. The trick is…no repeats. Each day has to have 5 new and different things than you wrote down yesterday.

By the end of the 20 days you will have 100 things that make you smile in some form or fashion.

You can write a single word or whole paragraph for each entry. Whatever floats your boat.

Acknowledge the parts of you that make you happy. Celebrate them. Cherish them.

Until we meet again…have a GRATIFYING day!     smile tags