Tiara Time


Tiara Time

We all need a little time out.

The trouble is we sometimes forget to reward ourselves with some precious alone time.

Tiara Time is about sharing how and when you take some time out-just for you- to do whatever you want…or absolutely nothing…whatever that is.

As women we know what it’s like to be busy and to take care of so many others.

So when do we get time for ourselves?  Usually it isn’t very often.

Well, ladies, times are a-changin.’

Now, more than ever it’s imperative- sometimes for our very survival – that we find some time to carve out during the day or week to reset ourselves, energize ourselves…or just plain REST!

It can be a short break or as long as you like (or can possibly fit in to your busy day).

If you have a Tiara…real or imaginary…wear it proudly and have it serve as a “Do Not Disturb’ symbol.

Whether its 5 minutes or 5 hours, if you had the time – just for yourself – what would you do…or NOT do?

Do tell.


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